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Menopause in the Workplace

Create more inclusive and supportive organisations where females talent thrives - professionally & personally - during their menopause journeys 


Why Menopause should be on your
organisation’s agenda

APPROXIMATELY 14 million working days are lost annually due to menopause symptoms


1 in 4

3 in 5

1 in 10

women transitioning in menopause Say they don’t get the support they need from their manager

organisations in the UK currently has a menopause policy

working women ageD 45-55 with menopause symptoms have said that it has a negative impact on them at work

Some compelling facts

Even though the average age of menopause is
51 in the UK, the menopause journey
can start any time from the age of 30
- and even earlier in some cases

Supporting your talented female workforce through this significant part of every woman's life (that happens either naturally or induced prematurely by illness or surgery) is critical to the creation of an inclusive, supportive work environment, which puts women's health as a key priority in the well-being agenda.

Let me show you how to create an attractive and impactful menopause strategy that works for you and your business 

Benefits for your business & your team of investing in a Menopause solution 

You will:

+ RETAIN and attract TALENT

+ REDUCE ABSENTEEISM & presenteeism

+ INCREASE PRODuctivity and performance

+ avoid the potential for GRIEVANCES

and so much more!

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+ make your organisation WOMEN'S HEALTH & menopause-friendly 


to see how we can help you 

 every workplace is unique,
so we work closely with you to ensure our APPROACH and services
are aligned to your existing culture, values, policies, working practices, people and well-being strategy.

If you looking for a partner to support you in bringing to life your vision of creating a more inclusive and supportive culture,
where female talent thrives professionally & personally
 During their menopause journeys,
then we are the perfect match for you!

we provide bespoke TRAINING & WORKSHOPS, EITHER face-to-face or ONLINE,
AND FROM 'Lunch & Learn' Bite-size training to full-day workshopS,
For Female-only, Male-only OR MIXED GROUPS. 

Our training & workshops are engaging, empowering,
GROUNDED IN THE science and practical at the same time. 

Engaging with and supporting individuals and the people around them
through the perimenopause & menopause transition helps maintain organisational morale, productivity and retention.

Building a menopause-friendly workplace

our way to collaborate with you

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Creating menopause-sensitive policy and practices

We collaborate with you to create a bespoke menopause-sensitive strategy to meet your organisation’s needs. The development and implementation of a bespoke menopause strategy in the workplace not only improves employee health and happiness, but also improves productivity, absence, turnover rates and staff satisfaction.

menopause strategy

menopause policy & practices

bespoke MENOPAUSE training programme 

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our menopause in the workplace services

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Creating awareness & educating for a menopause-friendly
working environment 

Menopause awareness and educational training provides for individuals experiencing menopause and the people around them - line managers & colleagues the latest information and guidance to help them to talk positively, productively, confidently and with more empathy about menopause. 



Menopause-savvy lEADERS & LINE MANAGERS

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Supporting your female talent to thrive in peri+menopause 

Menopause executive coaching is a collaborative and supportive way to help female talent manage the menopause transition and continue thriving in their roles. It offers time and space to explore unique challenges and ease feelings that can be overwhelming. Connecting with powerful tools, coaching deepens thinking in a safe, non-judgmental environment, improving well-being, resilience, confidence and performance. 

menopause executive individual coaching 

menopause executive group coaching 

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Workshops to encourage female employees' health & well-being 

To equip individuals with easy and practical nutrition & lifestyle knowledge, cooking skills and exercises, to help them stay in the driving seat of their menopause well-being.

Women's NUTRITION 101

women's Wellness KITCHEN 

Powering through a healthy Lifestyle

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Pilates for Strength, Flexibility and Tone

Health & Well-being workshops portfolio 

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Menopause Well-being Solutions

It’s never too late
to build a menopause  
working environment 
that supports your female  

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talent to  
and contribute 
 to business growth  
that supports your female  talent to

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The checklist is a powerful tool designed with HR professionals like you in mind.

It will enable you to pinpoint areas of strength, illuminate opportunities for improvement, and ultimately drive positive change within your organization.

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awareness  - education - support

Ready to create a  menopause-friendly workplace?

...and avoid losing valuable talent, missing out on attracting new talent, risking reduced performance, increased presenteeism and absenteeism?

Raise awareness and build the knowledge for people to discuss menopause and behave naturally around it, across your organisation.

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Feeling in control of your Hormones and Perimenopause Symptoms can seem overwhelming, I know!
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But I’ve got you and I am going to be here to guide you all the way!

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