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Certified Health & Nutrition Coach,
and a Whole Food Culinary Chef

I'm here to empower professional women like you to feel themselves again and even greater than before, take their menopause well-being journey in their own hands so they can thrive in their careers and live a joyful life

I’m Amélie Prot,

Founder of AmélieWellness

My mission 

I want to help professional women to enjoy life in Perimenopause transitioning to Menopause.
It's that simple!

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Amelie Prot is the founder of Amelie Wellness, a menopause specialist/consultant/trainer and a certified Health & Nutrition Coach. Amelie helps professional women feel themselves again and even greater than before, regain control of their health and wellbeing during perimenopause, transitioning to Menopause and beyond, whilst continuing to thrive in their career and personal life.

Amelie draws on her expertise in research-based positive psychology strategies, mindfulness, NLP and menopause executive coaching to help these female employees develop and sustain their full potential within a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. 

Supporting corporate wellbeing is close to Amelie's heart, having spent 16 years’ working within international organisations in learning & development leadership roles for global and remote teams. Amelie's experience gives her first-hand appreciation of the challenges faced by HR/Wellbeing leaders, managers and their employees.

In addition to working directly with female employees, Amelie also supports HR/Wellbeing leaders to break down the stigma of ‘Menopause At Work’ - through creating menopause strategy, awareness, knowledge and support to enable organisations to nurture and retain their female talent.

Menopause education not only empowers employees going through menopause but also enables leaders and colleagues to understand how to support them.

Amelie offers engaging and impactful Women's Health & Menopause programmes, educational workshops/talks tailored to specific audiences, manager training, individual and group coaching and resources.

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Feeling in control of your Hormones and Perimenopause Symptoms can seem overwhelming, I know!
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But I’ve got you and I am going to be here to guide you all the way!

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